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I am married to Rodney C. Rhodes, we have been married 50 years. We have three grown children and 8 Grand children. We live in a retirement area of Florence, Az. I am originally from Washington State. I have a small Computer Repair business and am into grahics & genealogy. We traveled extensivley in the first 20 years of marriage as we were in the Air Force. So have seen most of the United States and have lived in many different parts of the country.

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This is a cute little Doxey/Wired Haired terrier mix, with a Mohawk and Fu Man Chu moustache. Bud passed away this year. We still have another Doexy mix, only he's not wirehaired and looks more like a Doexy. Oberon...OB for short! He's a totally southwestern doggy, loves sitting the sun.
And we have just added a year old Springer Spaniel in the sable marking. He has been a challenge to train as he seems to have been his own boss for that year. I currently take him to Doggie Day Care and a trainer twice a week.


the computer Club is for the 5 retirement parks in our area. I've been President, VP and Maintenance for their lab. I do the web Page for them and the Web Page for the association of a Seniors Mobile Home Owners Association. We all own our lots and we are out from the big city in a nice quite area, called Florence Gardens.


My hobbies are many. Genealogy is have been an on going things for over 18 years. I get involved in a lot of crafts, love making things. Now I am into computer crafts, graphics and animation. Helping and teaching with the computer club. Training the Springer (Cody) and taking care of the other animals in the house.